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Congratulations Wylie, Aiden and Jaxon!

Posted by on August 6, 2014 at 1:50 PM

We want to extend a great big congratulations to our three newest White Sashes! Wylie, Aiden and Jaxon! The test was held the afternoon of July 29th and all three boys had spent their entire mornings at a soccer camp! I had warned the boys that their test would be extremely difficult and offered to allow them to test on another day, they rose to the occasion and chose to test despite the early and strenous morning activities! Of course this choice on their part impressed me, but it didn't get them any quarter during the test of course!

All three boys performed splendidly and have demonstrated proper Kung Fu values and as you'll see by their pictures in the photo gallery, proper esprite! See the photos here

Well done to Wylie, Aiden and Jaxon, I am sure that with continued practice your Kung Fu will take you far!

-Sifu Rob

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