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Mountain Path Kung Fu, Albuquerque, NM

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Photo Gallery

Joe's White Sash Test Joe's White Sash Test Traditional Kung Fu Stance Training Ng Lung Ma is the foundational form of Choy Lay Fut. It's long, it can be boring, and in the early stages as a students strength builds, it can be painful. While the entire form is not a White Sash requirement, Joe was able to perform the entire form which at this level is quite a significant achievement. Here, Joe is seen performing the final move in Ng Lung Ma. This picture was taken on his 3rd time through the form that day. Well Done Joe! 192875893 Self Defense Weapons Training Albuquerque At Mountain Path Kung Fu and Tai Chi Academy classical Chinese weapons are taught as part of the standard curriculum enhancing and complementing the empty handed material as the student grows. Just as the standard curriculum follows a specific progression, so to do the weapons. Long before a student begins to learn the form associated with their weapon, they work a series of drills to relative mastery in order to prepare them and strengthen them to the upcoming challenges that the weapon offers. Here Joe is seen completing the "Sot Drill" a versatile down ward motion similar in some respects to chopping wood. At the time this picture was taken Joe had performed roughly 40 repetitions per side. 192875894