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Mountain Path Kung Fu and Tai Chi Academy Is:

Mountain Path Kung Fu and Tai Chi Academy is first and foremost a school. A school which all ages are welcome to attend. Here we embrace the ethos that Kung Fu is 100% adaptive and "fits" everyone, regardless of condition or status. We teach traditional Kung Fu lessons in Albuquerque, NM. We also teach Tai Chi and Qi Gong the results of which are boundless and will positively impact every aspect of your life, if you allow it to. The intent of our training is to present each student with very clearly delineated tangible goals and results in order to provide a character building, long term activity which the student can "take with them" where ever their life path takes them and to instill inherent core values which will guide the student appropriately when no one is there to help and when "no one is looking." This shall be achieved through the schools core values: self reliance, respect for all living things, respect for self, respect for authority, confidence, determination, integrity, benign compassion, civic virtue, humility and honor. These core values are reinforced by the training itself and by the constant example of the schools Sifu - Me.

We strive to make our Kung Fu lessons as accessible as possible so there are a few key tenets we adhere to.

-Can't make it to the class of your age group? Come to any one of the other classes! A little age, size, and maturity diversity is ALWAYS good for your Kung Fu brothers and sisters!

-Can't make it to all of the Kung Fu lessons available to you? While getting to class regularly is the only way to develop your skills, we understand that families do things and that the job can make you stay late sometimes. There are up to 4 group Kung Fu lessons available each week to students. Come to all 4 or a few!

-Feeling exceptionally dedicated? Sifu Rob will open the school for you extra early during the Early Bird class. If you want to train we'll make every effort to accommodate your efforts.

-Sifu Rob also offers private Kung Fu lessons and even certain package's which allow the student to train in leadership and apprenticeship roles.

Our Styles: Ng Ga Kuen & Choy Li Fut

Curriculum taught at the school is comprised of two traditional styles. The first is Ng Ga Kuen, a well known yet rarely taught style of kung fu with a direct lineage to the Southern Shaolin Temple. NGK is our primary style and is the proud heritage that Mountain Path carries on. The second style taught, though not fully, is Choy Li Fut, a relative of Ng Ga Kuen which shares the same roots at So. Siu Lum. CLF serves to provide supplement material that we feel is beneficial to our students. Both styles being massive in content, each containing over 250 forms and training methods, Sifu Rob has chosen to continue the legacy of Si Koon Ark Yuey Wong and promote and propagate Ng Ga Kuen.

Special Note:

Until very recently Mountain Path was teaching Shen Kung Fu (a style created by Sifu Mario Figueroa which synthesized Ng Ga Kuen and Choy Li Fut). However, based upon the recommendation of and recent certification by Sifus Steven Perez and Orlando Ayala of Southern Five Chinese Boxing Academy, Mountain Path will now teach pure Ng Ga Kuen. We will continue to provide supplemental instruction in Choy Li Fut for those who wish to pursue other studies.

Standing on Ceremony... And other notes on Kung Fu terms

Mountain Path Kung Fu and Tai Chi Academy takes pride in its adherence to teaching traditional Kung Fu in a traditional manner. This is a proven system with proven results far beyond the terms and limits of self defense. While self defense and combative principles play a major role in our training, they are not the overall purpose of what we do. While we are very good in terms of our martial capabilities, We are not thugs, we are not brawlers and we do not offer a "menu" of styles to choose from. We offer traditional Kung Fu and traditional values.

Traditional Values Defined: Traditional Values = Traits that lead to a successful and happy life... examples: 1. Respect for authority, teachers and parents. 2. Healthy living through the use of appropriate levels of intensity and frequency of exercise and nutrition.

Notes for students on some Kung Fu Terms:

The terms "Sifu" and "Sigung" are not titles. They are relationships. Sifu translates as "Father Teacher" and so Sigung means "Grandfather Teacher." We recognize that within certain styles and lineages the term "Sifu" can be a title meaning or approximating "master" we also feel it is important to appropriately confer the proper respect due practitioners who have reached a certain level of training and so the terms Sifu and Sigung are often used synonymously as titles, which is considered appropriate.

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